The Spcialist in Valve Quality inspection
Professional Maker of Double Block Bleed Ball Valve
The Highest Pride of Plug Valve
The best technology ensures the reliability of the KCL ball valve
KCL Valve Full of world wide supply experience
Full of Manufacturing Equipment
Reliable inspection equipments

Made of High Quality Plant Valves

“As a professional manufacturer and supplier of Ball valve and Special valve equipment, We will grow up to a trustable and
favorable company.”

Company Concept

KCL is manufacturing & engineering valve company based on various and lots of experience in valve industry.
Our main business goal is that not only supplying just valves but also providing all requirements of customer.
KCL is able to supply all kind of valves for plant as just one brand named KCL.
KCL has an ability to provide valves to customer with the best quality and right delivery time, and also,
KCL’s ability of documents control makes customers trust us more.
We have a lot of network with experienced companies, they are professional valve company with best quality system.
Those facts are sufficient reason that how KCL can provides all kind of valves to customer as one brand.
KCL has been concentrating to provide special valves like high-pressure valves which is required
up-to-date technology.
We are doing all design, delivery time control, assembly, and final inspection under customers witness by ourselves, then proceed packing and shipments.
If you want all kind of valves with one brand, high quality, and best delivery time,
we can provide you best solution.
We can guarantee best cooperation for you.

Strengths of KCL Valve

Validity of delivery, quality first, full experience of all valve as one brand


Trust satisfaction with quality and delivery time of customer as a top priority

Superior quality

Strong confidence for valve quality


We supply all kinds of valves as one brand with the shortest delivery time


plentiful experience and knowhow of all staffs

Overseas Branch & Agency


Our Client

Growing with customers

Many major domestic and overseas customers are the result of KCL’s technology, quality and trust.
We will provide an appointment with more advanced technology and solutions to all these customers

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